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Each bag sells for $14 and at this time we offer 50% profit share so you would keep $7 per bag sold.

Submit your final fundraiser brochure orders here:


To get started we just need to know your start and finish dates as well as the type of fundraiser you would like to do. (You can run a traditional brochure fundraiser or a virtual fundraiser shop). Visit our fundraising page to signup and get started.

You can run both types of fundraisers at the same time. If you choose to run a virtual fundraiser we can add a logo image to customize your shop. We can track individual seller results. Upon starting your fundraiser you will receive a link to your shop and sales dashboard

Brochure fundraising is tried and true. Print out a copy of our Fundraiser Brochure Forms and
pass out the forms to your team sellers. Collect orders and money at the same time. Checks need to be made out to you or your group. When payment is made to us we will only take checks made directly from you or your groups organization. Upon the conclusion of your fundraiser you will tally your results up and submit the totals through this link:

To access the brochure forms you need to sign up for a fundraiser on our fundraising page. Once you sign up we will automatically email you copies of our current fundraiser forms.

Virtual fundraisers are the new trend and very effective. We create a virtual Fundraiser Shop for you that can be customized to your group. If you have a logo we can add it, if you want to track individual sales numbers we can add sellers by name and track individual seller results. Buyers for your shop can select direct shipping via UPS or free pickup from you at a designated time and location. We can remove the shipping or free pickup option as requested by you or your group. Some groups prefer direct shipping only. Signup to start your fundraiser on our fundraising page to get started. Once you sign up you will receive your custom shop within a few minutes. You will have 1 dedicated link to your shop. If we are tracking individual seller results we will add the sellers names into the checkout process allowing us to track individual results. Upon completion of your digital shop we will send you the total sales as well as individual sales by seller. Once your order is shipped we will initiate your payout. We can make payout of your proceeds through Venmo, Cashapp, PayPal or Check.

Please email us a list of your sellers names and we will add them into your shop for tracking individual seller results.

Tracking virtual sales occurs two different ways. Your email will receive a sales notification with each sale that is processed. Additionally, you will receive a link to your sales dashboard so you can see all sales. You are able to sort and see individual seller results. At the end of your fundraiser you will receive your totals, as well as the individual seller totals. Payout via PayPal, Venmo, Cash app or Check will initiate upon the competition of your fundraiser.

Upon the completion of your fundraiser you will receive a link from us via email to upload your orders. You will only owe us our portion of the sales. When you submit your order you can pay with Credit or Debit card as well as Cash App. If you are paying with check and cash you can select this option during the checkout process. Use coupon code "Check" to submit order for future payment. We will send you a invoice if you select check / cash.

We will accept checks from a institution but no personal checks. Payment is preferred through card payment, Venmo, Cash App or Paypal.

YES. We will ship your complete fundraising order direct to you for
distribution at no charge via UPS. To qualify for the free shipping your fundraising will need to sell at least 24 bags of popcorn. If you are running a virtual fundraiser shop and select the direct shipping option then your customer will have the option to ship their order directly to them via UPS at a $6.99 charge (subject to change). Digital fundraisers also receive free shipping to a commercial address same minimums apply. If you have additional questions regarding shipping please message us.

Digital shops qualify for free shipping with a minimum 24 bags sold and the receiving address must be a commercial address. This allows you to offer a free pickup option to your shop buyers.

If you ran a digital fundraiser then there are 2 ways to purchase. Your buyer can select direct shipping for a $6.99 fee, we will ship these orders out within 48 hours. If the buyer selects free pickup then we will ship these orders directly to the fundraising coordinator for free to distribute. If you ran a brochure fundraiser we will ship these orders to you for free at the conclusion of your fundraiser. The orders will be packed by flavor.

Once you signup for a fundraiser on our fundraising page you will receive your digital shop and sales dashboard within a few minutes. You will have one dedicated link to your shop so anyone who purchases through this link will qualify you for 50% of the proceeds.

Direct shipping orders that pay $10 for shipping will receive their order within 3-5 days. All other orders will ship at the close of the fundraiser. At the conclusion of your fundraiser we will send you the totals of your digital shop (if applicable) as well as any individual seller results. Additionally we will send you the individual order forms to distribute the online orders.

Your email will be added to the sales notification list so you will know each time a sale comes through. Additionally we can
track the number of sales by each indiviudal on your team. We just need a list of their names and we can add a section in your shop for the buyers to choose their seller. You also have access to a dedicated sales dashboard to track total sales, you can sort and tally your results quickly and easily. Upon conclusion of the fundraiser we will supply you with totals.

Just let us know you need to extend your fundraiser date and we will adjust the calendar. No problem.

We find that 2-3 weeks of selling will bring in the most sales. You can run any time frame. Brochure fundraiser on average earn more sales.

Fill out the fundraiser signup form on our fundraising page. You will then receive an email with downloads to our brochure order forms as well as your custom shop and sales dashboard (if applicable). You can select to run a brochure fundraiser only or a digital only fundraiser. You can also do BOTH! Typically a brochure fundraiser average a higher sales return.

What our clients say

  • 5

    Fort Smith Popcorn is some of the best popcorn I've had! My cheerleaders have done a couple of fundraisers and everyone loves it!!

    Vanessa Penwell - McClain HS Cheer

  • 5

    Have had this popcorn through a school fundraiser and it was absolutely delish!! Would definitely buy and recommend to anyone!! Give it a try!

    Erika Johnston

  • 5

    We did a softball fundraiser with them and had excellent service and communication, would definitely recommend them for any fundraising needs!

    Scott Jackson